Unlock the Social Power of Parents & Students

Parents and students are the most influential voices in the After-School enrichment market.
Our platform turns them into powerful allies who spread the word on your behalf.
A tool that rewards learners, builds community, and grows your business.

Hire Your Digital Employee

Sia is an Intelligent Assistant who will soon become integral part of your team by quickly learning your business. She will start tracking every customer journey and provide you timely Notifications, Suggestions and Alerts based on student and parent engagement.

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How SpurSpot helps your Business?

Automate Student Motivation and Customer Engagement Tasks

Motivate Students

Create your own learning center economy using Digital Badges and Points to motivate / Engage your students.

Monitor Student Progress

Digitize your curriculum using powerful gamification models and monitor student progress using custom Learning Maps.

Personalize Communication

Create highly personalized emails using our fluid email template editor and automate parent notification.

Customer Feedback

Predict perfect time to reach out to your customers to get great feedback and seamlessly turn them into Testimonials using auto-publish feature.

Online Reviews

Improve your online reputation by automatically identifying your business influencers and requesting for online reviews.

Word-of-mouth Referrals

Encourage social sharing with targeted notifications related to their child’s success. Turn your customers into social advocates and get more referrals.

We Serve all After School Enrichment Programs

BEST Student Motivation and Customer Engagement Software


Supplemental Learning Swim Schools Karate and Marshal Arts Music Schools
Dance and Drama Studios Gymnastics Academy Chess Coaching Cafe Robotics and STEM schools
Sports Coaching Arts and Crafts Learning Studio Language Schools Tutoring Centers


Showcase student SUCCESS and Generate Social share, reviews and referrals

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Student Motivation

Get your kids excited about learning! SpurSpot gives you fun tools to reward success, track progress, and encourage good behavior. Gain happier students and more loyal customers.

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Customer Engagement

Connect with the people who matter. Our platform keeps parents up-to- date on their child’s performance, engaging them with your business. SpurSpot builds your learning community.

The only customer engagement platform that

Ensures Positive Results for After School Programs.


Happy Students


Loyal Customers


Engaged Parents


Cross Marketing


Tools for happy students, Loyal Customers and more successful businesses

One View Dashboard

Managing classes has never been easier. An easy and customizable overview of sessions, Top Achievers, Awards, student information, Recent Activity, Achievement charts, and more.

Gamification Engine

Get kids excited about learning! Apply elements of game play—rules, points, competition—to the classroom setting. Engaged students mean happier classrooms.

Smart ATM Kiosk

Add more FUN factor using free app that lets students track their own progress and achievements using unique PINs. They can check their balance, cash in points, and earn prizes.

Custom Awards

“Homework Hero”… “Guitar King”… “Math Wiz”…“Special Prize” … “Best Karate Kick” … Choose the achievements you want to celebrate by designing your own awards and Badges.

Multi-classroom Support

Have multiple classroom sessions? Our platform caters to learning centers big and small with the multi-classroom support feature. Never lose track of students again.

Automated Notifications

Connect with parents in a fast, simple, and personalized way. We create customizable email templates to let parents know about their child’s successes.

Customer Feedback

Timely feedback is crucial for improving service levels and customer engagement. Our automated tool reaches out to customers to measure satisfaction levels.

Customer Reviews

In the digital age, your online reputation is more important than ever. Our automated tool makes it easier for customers to share things they love about your Business.

Customer Referrals

Word-of-mouth is key to growing your customer base. Our automated tool encourages referral marketing in a fast, easy, and powerful way.

What your parents Say About You Online is Everything!

Capture the Voice of Your Parents

Our platform identifies parents (i.e. parents that love you) and turns them into powerful social advocates and encourages them to spread the word about your business across their social networks. Integrate all of your customer engagement efforts into one solution built specifically for After School enrichment programs.

  • Parents having a favorable view of their Kids Learning Program 78%
  • Parents citing reviews as influencing their decision 87%
  • Parents citing word of mouth marketing as directly influencing their decision 94%