About Us

With over 20 years experience in software development, we’re a technology start-up firm located in Frisco, Texas. Our vision is to create an end-to-end automated customer engagement solution that helps learning centers improve student success and build a larger and more loyal customer base.

The story of the SpurSpot began with its founder, who has spent many years managing multiple children’s learning centers and working with their owners. During that time, he observed their challenges in reaching new customers while retaining existing ones.

The solution seemed simple: Motivate students and keep the Parents informed. If kids were not motivated during lessons, attendance dropped and parents eventually stopped enrolment altogether. On the other hand, motivated kids enjoyed coming to class and generated more business for learning centers through word-of-mouth.

Many learning centers put manual processes in place to increase student motivation. However, their methods were very time-consuming and lacked one crucial element: The fun-factor.

The SpurSpot gamification program fills this gap in the education market. It provides student fun and motivation, while also incorporating key customer engagement tools for businesses to attract more customers and spread brand awareness.

Our company’s long-term goal is to be innovation leaders in the fields of customer engagement and student motivation using artificial intelligence. We’ll continue to make our exciting platform available to learning centers everywhere, whatever their size. The future will bring even greater developments in the features and scope of our software offerings.