Who is SpurSpot for?

The SpurSpot platform is designed for learning centers that provide lessons to kids (ages 4+). Our customers include after-school tuition centers, marshal arts schools, music academies, dance schools, robotics classes, computer programming centers, and many more.

All types of businesses in the education sector would benefit from our digital platform.

Is SpurSpot browser- or app-based?

The features on our platform are primarily browser-based.

However, our Smart ATM Kiosk is a free app that you can download onto a shared device. Students can use it to track their performance by entering a unique PIN number.

The ScreenCast feature, popular for cross marketing and customer communication, can also operate through TV screens (using ChromeCast) in other areas of your learning center.

What is gamification?

Gamification applies elements of sports and game play—rules, point scoring, competition, reward—to other areas of life, such as education or personal finance. Our platform adopts this approach in the classroom.

Using a web-based system, businesses design fun and attractive rewards for students, such as redeemable points, prizes, or badges. They increase student engagement and boost customer retention.

What makes SpurSpot unique? Why should I choose it over other classroom gamification platforms?

Other classroom gamification platforms are primarily designed for schools. SpurSpot is the ONLY platform built for After School enrichment programs.SpurSpot revolutionizes the concept by building a tool that combines student motivation with customer engagement. In this way, it is geared towards businesses.

We increase student engagement while also connecting your learning center with parents, wider social networks, and non-competing businesses. It is both a classroom management as well as business marketing tool.

Who are the users of SpurSpot?

Teachers and business owners are the users of the web-based platform. They have access to a OneView Dashboard that lets them manage all their classes in the one place. However, we also offer an Smart ATM Kiosk app that students can use to track and redeem points.

How does SpurSpot engage with parents?

Parents are kept up-to-date on their child’s achievements through email notifications and social sharing. That way they’ll really feel a part of your business. They can also quickly and easily post photos of their child receiving awards on their social networking sites.

Your business will be seen by a wider audience, improving your brand’s marketing reach.

Can I use SpurSpot without technical knowledge or skills?

Yes. SpurSpot is designed to be used by everyone, no matter what your experience level. It is intuitive and easy to use with quick on-boarding. Best of all, you’ll have as much fun as your kids!

What is the Smart ATM Kiosk?

Our Smart ATM Kiosk is a free Android-based app (available from Google Play) that lets students take charge of their own learning.

Teachers simply download the app onto a shared device, such as a computer or tablet. Students can then check their points by inputting a unique PIN number, like a bank ATM. They can redeem points for awards or prizes. It’s a fun way to get students engaged with learning.

What is ScreenCast?

Our ScreenCast feature is a great marketing tool in the form of a continuous promotional stream. It works through the ChromeCast online media streaming advice. This technology lets your business broadcast student awards, leadership boards, photo galleries, events feeds, social media material, and much more onto a big screen TV in your public reception area.

It’s a great method to better connect with parents and potential customers. You can also cross promote business partners through this technology.

How does SpurSpot help with cross marketing?

Your learning center can gain valuable networking opportunities with the wider SpurSpot business community. Our messaging platform lets you easily communicate with other non-competing learning centers to get valuable advice. You can then collaborate, organize cross marketing strategies, and earn sponsorship dollars. With strong business partnerships come greater promotional opportunities. It’s also a great way to get free advertising.

How does SpurSpot engage customers through social media?

Our social sharing feature allows quick and easy sharing on networking sites. With a few clicks of a button, you can upload photos of award ceremonies and student achievements to your Facebook, Twitter, or photo-sharing platform. This is a great way to get your business seen and heard by a wider audience.

Customers can also spread the word about your business through social media. After their child gets an award, parents post photos of your award ceremony to their own social networking sites. By spreading brand awareness, you’ll engage with both current and potential customers.

How do automated emails work?

Our automated email templates let you send personalized messages to parents in a quick and simple way. After students get awards, our system generates custom and personalized email message to inform their parents. However, you get complete control over the process—the emails sit in a draft folder to be modified and sent (or not sent) later in your own time. That way it’s a fully customizable and flexible design. You’ll also keep parents better engaged with your business and build good will.

What if I have more than one class?

Having multiple class groups is not a problem with SpurSpot. You can view and manage all your classes through the OneView Dashboard feature. If a student changes classes, you can transfer all their details and previous awards with the click of a button. Our platform also lets students who take more than one class earn even more points and rewards. That’s a great way to encourage students to purchase more lessons from your center.