Student Motivation

The SpurSpot gamification platform uses innovative ways to get your kids excited about learning. Through our online tools, you can choose the behaviors you want to encourage and discourage, as well as badges to reward. Students earn points that can be redeemed for prizes and badges. There’s even a free Smart ATM Kiosk app you can download that lets kids track their own progress. Our methods make classes fun by turning learning into a game with points, rules, and competition.

You’ll transform your classroom into a positive and rewarding learning hub. With increased student motivation comes better performance, happier kids, and more loyal customers.

Customer Engagement

Better connect with customers by keeping them informed and involved in your business. SpurSpot’s automatic notifications feature keeps parents up-to-date on their child’s progress by sending them email messages. Unlike most business communications, your interaction with customers is direct and completely personalized. Parents will feel that your learning center is uniquely adapted to their child’s learning needs.

Our platform also improves customer engagement through its focus on social sharing. With the click of a button, you can post images of students and award ceremonies to your social networking sites, as well as parents’ can share in Facebook, Twitter, or photo-sharing pages. Customers can form personal connections with your learning center and spread the message about your brand.

Cross Marketing

SpurSpot gives you amazing promotional and cross marketing opportunities. First, our ScreenCast technology lets you broadcast your business events, photos, and marketing material on TV screens in your reception area. Your brand presence will be even more powerful with customers.

Your learning center can also gain valuable networking opportunities with the wider SpurSpot business community. Our message platform lets you quickly and easily communicate with other learning centers to get valuable advice. Businesses can collaborate, organize cross marketing strategies, and earn sponsorship dollars.